Pumice gravel Bonsai Compost 2-10 mm 2 L Coarse


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Pumice gravel bonsai compost
Is it is bonsai compost of used * *, which is due to its water storage capacity and a course Porösität For All bonsai, the Take loose/airy of soil.
Its large surface area, pumice gravel effectively prevents root rot and offers useful organisms in the ground the optimal conditions, so that a natural, organic base climate.
Pumice gravel supports growth and promotes recovery from injury ill tree and like to make the mix with Akadama For All Types Of Bonsai.
Our special pumice gravel House Blend has a higher strength and durability and is therefore ideal to ensure a long service life of your bonsai.
You are bidding on Hausverpackte Pumice gravel bonsai compost (approx. 2 L) of grain size: 2 - 10 mm
Basic price: 0.99 €/L

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