Pumice Bonsaierde 2-Gravel 10 MM Coarse 10 Litres


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Pumice gravel Bonsaierde _____

_is a Bonsaierde used for award of the aid, based on the basis of its water retention and coarse Porösität Bonsai for all is a loose earth needs Breezy / _____

_Pumice gravel effectively prevents root rot and provides, through its large surface beneficial organisms optimal conditions, a natural, organic Bodenklima ceases. _____

_Pumice grit Supports the growth and promote the recovery of sick and Bonsai is also like in the Mix for all varieties of Akadama Bonsai.

_our special gravel Pumice Hausmischung has a higher strength and durability and is therefore ideal for a long service life, ensuring your Bonsai.

they offer here to hausverpackte Pumice gravel Bonsaierde (approx. 2 litres) of the grain Size 2-10 mm _____

_price: €0.99 / L