Prodibio Stop Ammo - Product for Reduce the Ammonia in Vials of 1 ml for marine aquarium Dolce Or, 30 fiale


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Prodibio Stop Ammo neutralizes ammonia. And it is a natural product is made from extracts of plants that grow in deserts. These plants have developed a system - glico-composti - The molecular which main property is to bind the ammonium nitrogen extremely volatile and non-volatile Non-toxic, stoccarlo under a form or toxic and sketch following in the form of nutrition: Protein and amminici. To look for culture of water, have been removed the saponins, toxic for the Branchie of fish. The PROPERTY OF stop ammo is thus to combine mainly ammonia Aquarium Waters, farmed and/or transport, to reduce or prevent damage caused by ammonia NH3 and ionized not to limit the production of nitrites. When using: - Waters of transport. Sea water during the acclimation of fish - After a few hours in the package. - at the beginning of the aquarium and to reduce nitrite increases. Beginning with start-up: 1 ampoule for 60 litres allows you to avoid accidents. In case of increase of nitrite: 2 ampoules for 60 litres of Act To Enable upstream and reduce the production of nitrites. Dosage: 1 ml ampoules Standard: 1 ampoule for 200 litres Available in the following quantity: - 1 - 6 vial - 30 ampoules

  • Reduction of ammonia rate within 15% and 50%
  • Less stress for fish
  • Marine for fresh and salt water aquaria
  • Available in the following amounts: 1 ampoule - 6 ampoules - 30 ampoules