PPI Net Breeding Trap For Baby Tropical Fish Tanks


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Aquarium / Fish Tank

Fry Net Breeder

Ideal for saving fry born in an aquarium with other fish

Also can be used to isolate injured or aggressive fish

Approx Size 165mm x 125mm x 130mm

Assembly in 5 Easy Steps

(1) Insert the four parts into the holes on the two parts of the frame.

(2) Slip the nylon netting over the assembled framework so that the upper side is left clear.

(3) Tie the nylon draw string.

(4) Fix the aluminium straps to the upper frame using the plastic studs provided.

(5) Bend the 2 aluminium straps over the outside of the aquarium whilst hanging the breeder on the inside of the aquarium & bend them to hold the breeder in place.


Some species of fish are not able to be kept in a breeding trap net as they may jump out if this is the case please buy a breading trap with lid.

Please be sure to check before using this product.

  • Use as a breeding tank using the V partition
  • Use a a self cleaning Betta display without the partition
  • Use as a growth /isolation unit for fry /sick /agressive fish.