Pond Salt 3 * 10kg - Shipped for Free)

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Item Use of various concentrate Entratio nen in water, solve it comes ESCO pond salt for the following uses: a certain salt concentration in the water will help the fish, your heavy Features by reduce stress, for example, if you a long transport trailing behind rear axle Ben or in a new pond Umgesiedelt. A Certain Salt Content contributes to increase mobility and activity trägen fish in the. In addition, it is possible to use the dish Imhautbil manure) stimulated and diseases effectively prevented. It will also make parasites effective bekämpft. ESCO pond salt helps to the wax Tum of algae in the water. It is recommended to a salt solution to make then moving slowly and dispenses into the pond or aquarium Iumwas ser design and evenly distributed. Otherwise, there might be concentration Gefällen in the water. In most cases, should be kept well out one compartment at a rate. Instructions for use: 2-5 kg/4-11 lb pond salt to 1,000 l treatment of fish disease: 5 kg pond salt at 1000 litres of pond water. Pond good aeration. When combined pond salt and medication Sachkundiger Rat is required.

  • Application Area Esco pond salt is a high quality, very in a special grain, this Beson ders Pure Rock Salt is suitable for use in freshwater, Zierfi Sch ponds and aquariums.
  • Esco has a special Rock Salt for freshwater Zierfi - Bag, such as Koi Carp, launched over the. The product has been designed with professionals together.
  • Esco pond salt is a Bergmän for alcove sourced product that nearly 200 million years ago in Zech Brick Meer. The high sodium chloride content of 99% and the iPad in white colour makes Esco pond salt at a premium quality product.
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