Osaga UVC Fountain Pump 1000 L/H


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Product Description The 3 in 1 Pond Pump 3 devices brought together in a pump. This is not only a pond pump, but it also has become a UV-C light and a pleasant dryer Täne For Fountains. 3 in 1 - UV-C Algae Clearer pond pump - Fountain UV-C light: the UV-C radiation can pass through the Vorbeifließende water and killing algae cells as well as bacteria and germs. Turbidities caused by bacteria and algae are thereby effectively eliminated. Even the spread tightly algae, such as thread algae, can be reduced as its spurs Large are harmful to the skin. The Keimtötende effect also allows for healthier fish, because the bacterial exposure in the water and becomes the reducing pressure of infection. The physical working caused by radiation no change the water parameters and has no negative an effect on the for the degradation of contaminants important Reinigungsbakterien Imim filter. After a few days usage of UV Clarifiers appliance should be water in the pond or aquarium clearly clear. The 3 in 1 Pond Pump That Makes It Ideal For Use In And Around The Garden Pond. With a flow rate of up to 1,000 l/h can be used the pump on the small or medium or as a support also in garden ponds. With the four different fountain attachments allows you to make the water output Flexible design. Product Features: - UV-C light directly integrated with washable filter cartridge - Integrated connection for the ventilation hose Technical data: - Capacity: 1000 L/H - Power Consumption (Total): 24 Watt power consumption (UV-C): 9 Watt Lamp Included - pump head (Max.): 1.4 m - Power Consumption (pump): 12 Watt - Bulb Type: PL 9 Watt including, visit our shop to get, after 7 months, you must be replaced with another of a different.

  • Water change, dry clean, healthy water
  • Healthy animals, for the Quarantine
  • Algae Remover and clear water
  • Aquarium owners
  • As a gift
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