Off-road Lights System, Back-up Lamp, Intelligent LED Lamps System for off-road Vehicle, BLE4.0 Support iOS and Android (2 pack)


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Product Description:

Under/Over voltage protection

FUAI 10W Off-Road High Powered LED Lights deliver an outstanding light output. LED Technology consumes very little power, Under/Over voltage protection. Giving you more power for the addition of more lights. Solid State Technology ensures that no pieces break so you’re not left out in the dark.

Flush mount design

Simple and quick installation. The ultra slim design makes it possible to place these lights anywhere you need lighting for greater safety and visibility.

Waterproof and Impact resistant

The FUAI OFF-ROAD series are ideal for rough terrain and extreme environments.

Item specifics :

Material:Die cast Aluminum

Light Source:LED

Lifespan: 50,000hrs

Color temperature: 5000K.

Waterproof: IP66

Wattage: 10 Watt

Operating voltage: DC (DC) 8V-32V.

size(mm):122mm x 92mm x 78mm

Power consumption: active power consumption ≦ 10W, Standby current consumption <0.04W. Communication mode: Bluetooth 4.0( 50 meters) Communication network: Unibus. Communication distance: single bus ≦ 15 meters. Lead Description:Red line: drive positive (+) Black line: drive negative (-)

Intellgent driver box install guide :

Yellow wire: control .

White wire: Back up lighting power.

Red line: drive positive (+)

Black line: drive negative (-)


1) 2 × units Back-up Lamp

2) 1 × control box , 3 × wire connector

3) 2 × mounting hardware

4) 1 × Chinese Instructions manual.

  • ● High power single 10W CREE LED lights. compact design (4.8″ × 3.62″ × 3.07″) Heavy duty Housing. Luminous flux 1000 lumens.
  • ● Temperature(-125°c~155°c) Protection:the limit value is configurable and flexible by user.
  • ● BLE4.0 support iOS and Android. control at your fingertips. (Bluetooth working distance :50 meters).
  • ● Power saver,Battery protection: Low power consumption technology use only 10W power. Turn off the light automaticlly when low voltage dectected. Protect your battery.
  • ● Multiple lighting mode: Dimmer/Width/SOS/Bursting/light you home mode .Light out angle: 60° uniform spot,Irradiation distance: ≦6㎡/≦9㎡ trapezoidal spot.