Oase Aquamax Expert 20000


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These top class Oase Aquamax Expert (Profimax) filtration and watercourse pumps get any amount of water moving. The new Aquamax Expert (Profimax) models displace 20000, 30000, and 41000 litres of water per hour respectively. At long last it is now possible to realise wide watercourses and rushing waterfalls! The Oase Aquamax Expert (Profimax) is also the first choice as displacement pump for the filter system. The stainless steel basket traps coarse debris particles greater than 8 mm.

Oase Aquamax Expert (Profimax) Filter Pumps are ideal either for designing impressive watercourses and waterfalls for new, exclusive garden landscapes, or for powerful displacement of pond water to the filtration system.

Dimensions(mm): 420x240x266
Power Consumption (watt) :450
Flowrate (lph): 20000
Max Head Height: (m): 8
Hose Connection: 1″, 1,5″, 2″
Outlet Size: 2″
Inlet Size : 1.5″
Strainer Surface (cm²):1320
Weight (kg): 15

  • Ability to cope with coarse debris particles up to 8mm in size
  • 2″ side-mounted outlet
  • Long service life
  • Ergonomic handle positioned appropriately relative to the centre of gravity
  • Fully Capable of over wintering, even if the pond completely freezes over.
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