New! Plumber’s Siphon Pro – Universal Petrol, Oil, Potable Water – 1 Gl. Per Min. – W/ 8′ (2.44 meters) of Hose & Fits Any Hose, Any Length – Brass Weight & Hose Extender to Sink Hose -More Gl. Per Minute W/larger Hose


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A high quality siphon tool that comes with 8′ (2.44Meter) of 1/2 inch (12.7mm) hose and Brass weight. – Universal Petrol, Oil, Potable Water – 1 Gl. Per Min. – attach the Siphon Pro to any hose you have including 1/2″ ID (12.7mm) garden hose or hose that you pickup at your local hardware store. Plumbers keep this in their tool tray for quick draining of any excess water situation. Hose flows freely once siphon is started. Aluminum machined valves and high quality rubber. Works with Urea for diesel vehicles

  • Use any hose you have from 3/8 ID – 3/4 ID (9.5 – 19mm)- comes with heavy brass hose coupler to sink hose
  • Insert on Hose to Start a Siphon then pull it away for full flow
  • Transfer Petrol or Water – Pump can handle both
  • Comes with 8′ (2.44 meters)of hi quality PVC line with 1/16th (1.59mm) wall – Hose Made in USA – USA Assembly
  • Ideal for emergency plumbing needs, drain sinks, toilets, fountains – transfer gas -1st Sale 8/15!