New day-LED Holiday String lights Christmas ball lights the bar (5 string)


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Model: fur ball
Led power: 15 (w)
Voltage: 220 (v)
Material: plastic
Color: color glow
Main application: decorative lights for Christmas bar decorations lights

  • LED light string to the chip package of light-emitting diode as the light source, municipal lighting, architectural lighting, event lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, teaching lighting, work performance is stable, so that normal life expectancy is greater than 50,000 hours
  • LED light string selection of LED dedicated constant voltage power supply circuit design for the constant current circuit, the design angle of the larger angle of more than 120 degrees, uniform color mixing, no color
  • Color uniformity, color red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, etc., can undertake perforated light string processing, through the colorful and full-color controller to achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, full-color fluttering And other effects
  • LED light string installation convenient and quick, after a one-time waterproof injection molding, waterproof rating of IP65, plastic parts are installed card, do not need any accessories, can be directly installed in the word hole and fixed
  • LED lights, LED curtain lights, LED lights, LED lights, double-loop LED string, LED wishful stars from the extension of the LED light string composition, an external controller can achieve a variety of flashing light changes, single-loop LED light string
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