NanoCube Complete 20 Litres


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Pro Shrimp’s comment: Dennerle is one of the leading Aquascaping and Nano Aquarium manufacturers. These tanks are of the highest quality and much thought has gone into their development. Dennerle is offering a full range of products around their Nano Aquariums from different lighting to high tech filtering options. The seamless front corners allow for panoramic views and the open top creates a modern finish. These tanks include a cover plate for the top to reduce condensation and protect the inhabitants. This tank comes with a shrimp safe Dennerle Corner Filter and 11W Light. Contents: Nano cube aquarium Top cover glass Dennerle Nano Light 11W Dennerle Corner Filter (shrimp safe) Base protection sheet (foam) Black decorative foil Dimensions: 25cm x 25cm x 30cm Capacity: 20 litre Attachable light for mini-aquaria Nano Light 11 W Incl. energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp, light colour: daylight, 6000 kelvin Integrated mirror-finish reflector: 100% more light! Vertical adjustment Horizontal adjustment For attachment to aquarium pane, max. pane thickness 5 mm Length: 27 cm Height: 13 cm Aquarium size 10 – 40 l Nano corner filter For aquarium size 10 – 40 l Efficient , quiet, compact Large surface area for filtering bacteria Safe for shrimps and crabs The water flow rate is infinitely adjustable and the filter outlet can be rotated by 90° to enable the flow of water to be channelled in any desired direction. The filter incorporates a nozzle tube with integrated cleaning slide and a mini-brush for simple cleaning of the nozzle openings. The narrow intake openings and a very fine-pored preliminary bio foam ensure that the nano corner filter is also safe for young shrimps.

  • Nano cube aquarium
  • Top cover glass
  • Dennerle Nano Light 11W
  • Dennerle Corner Filter (shrimp safe)
  • 25cm x 25cm x 30cm – Capacity 10L
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