multihobbie® Prodibio Spots & Velvets Salt Treatment against white point Velvet Navy


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Spots & VELVETS Salt 6 blisters treatment against the white point and the disease of the skin of velvet in saltwater fish.Can be used with all type of invertebrates without problems. Does not affect the corals. Spots & VELVETS Salt is indicated for the treatment of fish affected with velvet points and calls diseases, primarily caused by Ichthyophthirius, Oodinium Ocellatum, Cryptobia, cryptocarion, and secondary infections bacteriological directly caused by these parasites. At the end of the period of treatment allows the use of BioDigest start the regeneration of biological filter. The visible symptoms of infection are: Small granular points, injury, or soft layers of grey. These appear on the guts, the fins and can spread throughout the body. The fish infected retract its fins and try to remove parasites rozandose against objects of tank. The very affected individuals have a breathing abnormally hectic, become apáticos and lose weight quickly. At the end of the treatment, the use of BioDigest start allows the regeneration of biological filter. Start BioDigest is composed of strains of natural bacteria selected nitrificantes that reduce nitrite, becoming the ammonia nitrite nitrate, nitrite and nitrate in the in nitrogen. These bacteria work together with each strain to continue the work started by the previous ECA. Some are capable of the biosíntesis nitrate reducing enzymes in aerobic conditions. This purifies the water, nitrates and phosphates are reduces and prevents the appearance of algae filamentosas. The probiotic effect and also a good food fight against the proliferation of pathogenic and reduce the risk of disease.

  • Box of 6 blisters (5 spots complete Velvets Salt + 1 biodigest start), useful for the treatment of a bacterial between 60 and 180 litres of aquarium and its reactiviación