Mint Charlie – Clinopodium brownei – Live aquarium plant

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Mint Charlie (Clinopodium brownei) earns its common name from the mint-like scent of the plant when it is out of the water. It very closely resembles Chinese Ivy (Cardamine lyrata) with round leaves growing from the fine stem, and it may produce small flowers if allowed to grow to the surface of the water. Bunched plants are typically sold as cuttings that are bound together. These individual stalks can be planted by inserting the end of the stalk into the substrate, either individually or – with some plants – in groupings of several stalks. Most bunch plants do not have roots but may grow roots in time. They can be easily pruned by trimming the stalk at the desired height. The trimmings can then be planted as well if desired. Some bunched plants do not need to be planted and may be allowed to float on the water’s surface.

  • 5 x stems of Mint Charlie – Clinopodium brownei
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