MEIZHI Reflector Series 450W Led Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Hydropnic Indoor Growing Veg and Bloom

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In 2016, you will here encounter a totally new brand –MEIZHI LED GROW LIGHT, a Chinese manufacturer of led grow lights, with rich experience in growing lights industry. Based on the past 5 years great effort, the MEIZHI design and research team successfully developed the 2016 newest version –MEIZHI Reflector series led grow lights, which is collected most of marketing similar products’ advantages on compact design, spectrum ratio, high efficiency and other aspects etc.. MEIZHI led plant growing lights with affordable price, excellent quality and good customer service will bring you an unexpected purchasing experience!

Product Model: R90
-Color: Black
-LED Brand: Epistar
-LED Quantity: 90pcs
-Spectrum: 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white
-Par Value: 901umol
-Lumen: 11595Lm + -5%@AC110V 11632Lm + -5%@AC220V
-Power Draw: 195W + -5%@AC110V 192W + -5%@AC220V
-Core Coverage: 3.5ft*2ft
-Max Coverage: 5.9ft*5.3ft
-Light Size: 400*210*70mm(15.7″x8.3″x2.8″)
-Package Size: 496*266*126MM
-Net Weight: 2.7KG
-Gross Weight: 3.5KG
-DB: 53db
-LED Angle: 120¡ã
-Input Voltage: AC85-265V
-Amp: 1.781A@AC110V 0.9042A@AC220V
-Frequency: 50-60HZ
-Lifespan: 50000-100000hours
-CE RoHS Certificate

Package includes:
– 1 x MEIZHI R90 LED Grow Light
– 1 x Free Hanging Kits
– 1 x Free Power Cord

Warm Reminded:
1. Use light under regulated voltage
2. Not water-proof
3. Sulfur and acid is forbidden
4. Stop using light when fan is off

  • MEIZHI reflector-series led grow lights adopting 120¡ã reflector panel design, really up to the extreme of lumen output, NO WASTED ENERGY. This series grow lights using high intensity Epistar 5 watt powerful single chips, suitable for indoor garden greenhouse hydroponic organic medical plants veg and bloom all stages.
  • MEIZHI led grow lights with full spectrum 450~475nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and 5500-6500K. Only supply the target spectrum for your plants they can use! The blue spectrum promote plants photosynthesis and leaf growth. The red spectrum is good for budding and flowering. White light make plants more healthier and stronger.
  • MEIZHI R90 LED Grow light Dimension: 400*210*70mm(15.7″x8.3″x2.8″), Net Weight: 2.7KG, Core Coverage: 3.5ft*2ft veg, Max Coverage: 5.9ft*5.3ft bloom, Flux: 11632Lm + – 5%@AC220V, Par Value: 779umol at 18″ height, Power Draw: 192W + – 5%@AC220V, Replace 450W HPS/HID/MH traditional lights.
  • This model using high quality upgraded aluminum heat sinks, cooling fans for heat dissipation, you no need worry about your plants will be burned at the center. Reflector design make bigger coverage for your plants, less heat, bigger yield and THC.
  • Discreet package, reply within 8 working hours. Return unconditionally within 30 days, 3 months free repair and 1 year free components can be provided.
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