Lychee Waterproof Outdoor Security Color Changing LED RGB Spotlight Floodlight Garden Landscape Lamp with Infrared Remote Control (20W)


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This outdoor security light is fully waterproof. It is very energy efficient, has a very long life and does not produce very much heat. Light output colors comes in 4 main RGB colors(Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.

It is your energy saving and healthy choice. Suitable for different applications such as sign illumination, for up-lighting, to light pathways, to accent trees, lawns and landscape areas, signs/billboards, building interiors/exteriors, and large objects such as building murals, statues, aquarium reef coral tanks and American flags.Perfect for outdoor lighting such as landscape,Inside and outside door, Construction building,Advertisement billboard,Play yard ,garden, swimming pool, etc.

Power Consumption: 10W
Lifespan time: 50,000 hours
Color: 4 main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.
Modes: Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth/On/Off.
Waterproof/IP Rating: IP65 (When this product is installed outdoors, we recommend interface cable down. If the position of the wire leads up, rainwater will flow along wires, this will reduce the life of water interface)

Package includes:
1 x RGB LED Flood Light (Come Without Plug)
1 x Remote Control

  • Material: high-strength aluminum and glass.
  • LED light color: 4 main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.
  • Energy-saving design: it can save more than 90% energy than a Halogen Bulb.
  • IP65 waterproof design with durable structure, to make it suitable both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Widely used in billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges, squares, stadiums, trees, parking lots, building walls, hotel, meeting room, offices, hospital, schools, factories, commercial lighting, shopping malls, supermarkets, kitchen, display, backlight and so on.