LUFFY RED TIGER LOTUS BULB: Grow an auburn beauty in your aquarium landscape.


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In a landscape of green, the Red Tiger Lotus stands out. It is a beautiful species with plump, arrow-shaped leaves in red, brown and yellow, sometimes even purple spots. These plants grow horizontally, making them fish friendly. For shy species of fish, the Luffy Red Tiger Lotus provides cover from other bigger fishes and gives them the space to rest and reduce their anxiety. This species of aquatic plant is also notoriously tricky to take care of. They require many specific water, light and chemical components in the right levels if not they will not germinate. To help your Luffy Red Tiger Lotus thrive, place it in a tank with a height of not less than 16-18 inches in depth. It needs softwater with a pH between 5 to 7. Make sure there is bright light and an ideal GH of up to 10 degrees or 180 ppm. The water temperature needs to be kept at 70° to 85°F or 22 to 28°C. Make sure there is sufficient nitrate, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, carbonate, carbon dioxide, and the right macro and micro nutrients for your Luffy Red Tiger Lotus to consume. The Luffy Red Tiger Lotus may seem like a difficult plant but once you get the specifics correct, it’ll grow quickly and beautifully. Therefore when you see the Luffy Red Tiger Lotus in an aquarium, it is the mark of its owner’s expertise. The Luffy Red Tiger Lotus bulb is shipped without its leaves to prevent breakage. Once you’ve prepared your aquarium to the optimum specifications, plant your bulbs in the middle or foreground area of your tank, near the light source and away from any moving water currents

  • STRIKING RED COLOR — Use it as a Focal point in the aquascape. The Luffy Red Tiger Lotus is a beautiful species native to Africa. It is characteristically with arrow-shaped leaves in auburn red, brown and yellow hues, making them stand out amongst green aquatic plants.
  • BENEFICIAL TO AQUATIC LIFE — Unlike most underwater plants, it grows horizontally, providing cover and shelter perfect for shy fishes to hide and rest.
  • ONLY FOR ADVANCED HOBBYIST — Red Tiger Lotus only grows in very specific conditions. It requires soft water of pH 5 to 7, bright light and temperatures of 70° to 85°F or 22 to 28°C for them to thrive. When you see a Luffy Red Tiger Lotus in an aquarium, you know it is owned by an advanced hobbyist.
  • GROWS QUICKLY — When nurtured in the right environment, Red Tiger Lotus Bulbs can bloom from a bulb to a few leaves in less than a month. The roots can also sprout new leaves giving you more than one plant.
  • PREPARED FOR SHIPMENT — Only the Luffy Red Tiger Bulbs will be shipped. Make sure your aquarium is properly prepared before planting your Red Tiger Lotus bulb. If everything is done correctly, your Luffy Red Tiger Lotus bulb will start to germinate in about 2 weeks.