LUFFY Moss Carpet, 3.5″ x 2″: Create Legendary Lush Green Landscapes in Your Aquarium


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Have you always admired the majestic beauty of the Nordic landscapes? Now you can save on air tickets and live with your very own Icelandic scene in your aquarium. Recreate the lush knolls of Iceland, the zen gardens of Japan or even the hills of New Zealand with Luffy Moss Carpet. Naturally fluffier and finer in texture compared to other moss, Luffy Moss Carpet gives any aquascape a beautiful, refined finish. Smaller pets naturally gravitate towards the softer, finer feel of Luffy’s moss. You’ll notice your shrimps or guppies start playing and rolling about the Luffy Moss Carpet, helping to reduce their stress. Your Luffy Moss Carpet, measuring 3.5″ by 2″ (9 cm by 5 cm), is flexible and curves to cover any surface; from gravel floors, rock walls to sculptural shapes and driftwood. Depending on the size of your space, tie some Luffy moss carpets to metal meshes and onto any surface you wish. Over time, watch as your Luffy Moss Carpet grow and spread over the surface into a naturally beautiful, breathtaking aquascape.

  • BEAUTIFUL MOSS CARPET — Transform your aquascape into a captivating scene out of the legendary plains of Iceland with these emerald green, lush Luffy moss on a metal carpet mesh sheet measuring 3.5″ by 2″ (9 cm by 5 cm).
  • FAVOURED BY PETS — Luffy Moss Carpet is naturally finer in texture, making it softer and more comforting for smaller pets like shrimps and guppies to play amongst them.
  • UNIQUE FINISHING— Unlike other carpet moss, Luffy Moss Carpet looks naturally fluffier and finer than other plant types, giving your aquarium a cleaner, more refined look.
  • BENDS AND FOLDS — Flexible metal mesh curves to cover any surface, from rock floors, wall structures, artistic sculptures and even driftwood.
  • GROWS INTO YOUR LOOK — Just tie your Luffy Moss Carpet to any surface and watch it grow and spread over the surface it is tied to, making your aquascape look naturally more beautiful over time with minimal to no extra work.
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