LUFFY Marimo Moss Ball x 5+1 FREE!-Live Rare Easy Decor Plant. They are the living Moss ball.(Ship From USA) Just place them into any water container and create your own special water garden!


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Planning to have a rustic theme wedding or party decor or looking for unique party souvenirs or return favors? Marimo balls, the living and breathing, lush and soft green balls of algae, are just the thing for you. In case you didn’t know it, Marimo is a wonder alga, originally from Japan that rolls into gorgeous green balls that are bouncy, lightweight and long lasting. The word Marimo itself means a green and bouncy ball in Japanese. Mistakenly referred to as moss balls (both moss and alga are plants but totally different plants, botanically speaking), these are loved the world over for their uniquely appealing looks and environment friendliness. Marimo balls are very popular additions to aquariums, terrariums and decor pieces as these are beautiful, adaptable, low-maintenance and long lasting. So if you an eco fanatic or lover of all things green or just are looking for a unique decor idea for your rustic theme party, try glass encased centerpieces with Marimo balls and other decor element. There is a wide range of Marimo items available in all shapes and sizes in markets and online. Search and browse a bit and you are sure to come across many appealing ideas for decor and gifts. If your style statement is miniature and exquisite, there are nano Marimo products too. Earrings, pendants, bracelets- there are many such itmes created from tiny glass cylinders or bulbs with Marimo balls floating inside. Try Marimo as decor and souvenirs at your next big occasion. If you need one more convincing argument, the Japanese revere the Marimo as ‘the love plant’ and take it home for good luck.

  • You are winning 5 Marimo moss balls plus 1 FREE! *Please note that all the other decor such as glass bottle and other plants in the photos are not included.
  • Unlike other gifts that are tossed aside and soon forgotten, the beautiful aquatic Marimo plant will be cherished for many years to come. The Marimo is oftentimes referred to as the “love plant” and is native to Lake Akan, Japan. Owning a Marimo plant will bring luck and happiness. The easy to care for Marimo plant could not be a more perfect wedding favor to gift to friends and loved ones.
  • Ideal for a rustic or country themed wedding, the Marimo plant can also serve as a lovely centerpiece and table decoration. Your wedding will be remembered for the creative use of this lush green velvety sphere that attracts and engages attention.
  • For a true chic rustic flair, the Marimo plant may be showcased atop a few pebbles in small clear water-filled Mason jars with larger smooth stones placed around and in between the jars. The natural beauty of the Marimo will complement any country themed wedding colors and décor.
  • Weddings are just the beginning of creating lasting memories. The Marimo has been known to live up to 100 years, meaning that for generations to come the fascinating plant will continue to be a conversation piece among family and friends! To New Beginnings.