Lotus Green Genie 12000 Pond Filter


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The Green Genie 12000 Pond Filter ensures optimum mechanical and biological efficiency through the combination of dimple foam, flocor bio filter media and an integral spray bar. Proven Lotus Ultra Violet Clarifier technology completes the clear water process allowing the Green Genie 12000 to cater for ponds with a maximum volume of 12000 litres thanks to its built in 16w UV clarifier.
All Green Genie models are fitted with a Vari-Flow valve which allows the system to be used with any size of pump without overflowing. The top outlet design makes it possible for the Lotus Green Genie to be partially buried which allows them to blend into the surrounding landscape easier. To further aid in disguising the filter, they are green in colour.
The award winning Green Genie combines one of Europe’s most successful Bio-Filter ranges with state of the art UV technology available in six sizes for small ponds of 2000 litres right up to a large 48000 litre pond, the Lotus Green Genie Pond Bio-Filter brings to the market a high quality, value for money combi filter and UV unit to provide clear and healthy ponds.
The Lotus Green Genie 12000 Pond Filter comes complete with filter media, ultra violet bulb and is covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

  • Suitabe for ponds up to 12000 litres
  • Includes 16w UVC
  • Mechanical dimple foam filters
  • Flocor biological media
  • Above ground installation, top outlet allows partial burial
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