Large Stick on Thermometer Strip 12 Level LC 3C increments 12 to 42C for Baby, Room, Home Brew, Garden, Greenhouse and Conservatory


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Wide Range 12° to 42°C adhesive backed Liquid crystal vertical thermometer in 3 degree centigrade increments (12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42C°) for all types of uses, including room thermometers, Conservatories, greenhouses, reptile enclosures, brewing, guide for hyperthermia and hypothermia. In fact anywhere a wide ranging thermometer is required. Scale with easy to read liquid crystal colouring. Just peel off the paper backing and apply to a clean dry surface. Green Indicator shows the Actual Temperature Reading. If green is not visible the temperature will be mid way between the indicators that are illuminated tan and blue. All our thermometers are made in the UK to ISO World Standards and Procedures. Only the latest technology of Liquid Crystal is used. Please visit our store for a range of other products from the Global Leader in Colour change Products.

  • 12 Level 12° to 42°C in 3C increments with Easy to read liquid crystal display
  • Made to ISO 9001 Standards and Procedures
  • Ideal general use thermometer – Dimensions: 190mm by 18mm
  • Adhesive backing allows it to be stuck onto a clean dry smooth surface
  • Useful for a variety of applications in the home or office where fairly high readings are required