Ladybird Insect Hotel N3 HD Brown Nesting Box Butterfly Box Insect House Offering Natural Plant Protection Natural Aphid Control Hung Up – Great Choice of Colours – Ladybird House Butterfly Garden Decoration Ladybug Ladybird Box Butterfly House Garden Ornament

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‘Range of small * With Label * Insect Hotel with new colours in a great antique look, useful for the organic garden and the eye. Please enter the Nützlingen in your garden a home with a stylish insect hotel (in many different designs available in our shop The Besiedler This insect house can be… you’re do for you… a lot - pollinating your plants and ensures that there is many fruits (such as when using the fruit garden) - have large and destruction harmful insects such as aphids - , fast, and provide a the biological balance in your garden; they are good to observe e.g. when nests, the Brood Care and when landing. Other items features “Insect Hotel 30″ - Insect hotels are recommended by bandages for natural protection for your garden building - Our insect hotel No. 30 - 30 cm x 18 cm x 10 cm - height x width x depth) designed for many people in to a unique selection of colours, we will send you, excluding Adhesive and metal wire, many organic materials and water resistant, eco-friendly * Varnish uses - the “natural” and “Mottled do not contain any varnish/coatings - the building materials (Solid Wood) is made of fir wood - lovingly crafted production and design is worth to be to do… For Love and wear for a long time in the garden. - can be used all year round, due to their life cycle of insects is the most useful. - Complete with holder/Hook and Instructions in English and German. Simply attach - Prop It Up And Attach: Fence/Wall, Tree, Bush, floors etc.

  • Design Light Brown, solid wood, natural materials, free choice of colours
  • We will be glad to send your choice of colour by post (after buying): DB = Dark Brown, HB = Light Brown,
  • GG = grass green, MG = Moss Green, Yellow = Yellow RO = glazed red, pink = dusky pink Na = Light Natural, Pink
  • GF = mottled, BL = Blue, TÜ = Turquoise Antique, eg = Edelgrau light at: Black lasiert etc
  • Complete with attachment/hanger and instructions in English and German