Koi Net Rectangular Diameter 50 cm with Wooden Handle 210 cm Long - Collapsible


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Koi Net Diameter 50 cm square with a wooden handle 210 cm long - can be taken apart the zerlegbare Koi Net is made from 2 wooden poles of 100 cm in length, the centre with a stainless steel barrel can be screwed on. It will provide you the opportunity to use the net with a handle length of 100 cm and 210 cm. Once you Abfischen, the landing net can disassembled stored so as to save space. The Koi Net makes Catch Your Koi really easy. The fine-meshed net provides an attractive capture of the fish and minimises the risk of injury. Data: Mains diameter: 50 cm Handle length: 2 x 100 cm, Max. 210 cm total handle length net shape: Rectangular Mesh width: 12 mm, shaft material: Wood, diameter 40 mm Net Head Material: Aluminium Box Contents: Carp Landing Net Head, 2 wooden sticks, stainless steel barrel and screws

  • Water change, dry clean, healthy water
  • Healthy animals, for the Quarantine
  • Algae Remover and clear water
  • Aquarium owners
  • As a gift