Kit Aquarium Marine Little Mermaid


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Main Features of the marine aquarium kits for children
Aquarium Plastic of 3.7 L with lid black (Pirates) or white (Mermaid)
Can be used as corner aquarium or normal
The corner design allows the aquarium use The space of the corners
Filter with cartridge, built-in recharge in the top filter cartridges (available separately)
Includes LED lighting
Treasure Chest with shark or castle with plastic little mermaid 3d (cut-out)
Themed stickers Pirates or mermaids
Size: 20.9 cm x 26.6 cm W x 13.9 cm L
The Marine Aquarium Kits for Children feature LED lighting with touch-sensitive switch. Have an opening to feed easily to our fish and a filter with cartridge that will keep the water healthy for the people underwater.
In addition the aquarium has a space saving corner design.
The kits include the aquarium, filter, themed decorations and stickers.