IPUIS LED Plant Grow Light 7W/15W/25W Grow Light Bulbs for Greenhouse Flower Plants Growth Vegetable Full Spectrum Indoor Garden Growing Lamps with Wide Area Coverage (7W)


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Voltage: 100-240V
Socket type: E26/E27
Power: 7W/15W/25W
Material: Aluminum
LED quantity: 40pcs/ 78pcs/120pcs
Full Spectrum: 380-780NM
Service life: 50,000 hours
Item size: ?58*75MM / 95*98MM / 120*125MM
Package Included:
1 x LED Plant Grow Light

  • Ideal for indoor garden, green house, horticulture, bonsai planting, aquarium, hydroponic plants or tomatoes, pepper and other plants.
  • Full Spectrum: red (630nm, 660nm) and blue (440nm, 460nm), IR, UV, White Light,which are optimum for plants’ growth and bloom.
  • Grow Light can emit the wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants photosynthesis, can rapidly promote plants growth.
  • 100% new, LED plant growing light fits standard E27 base socket, very easy to use.
  • Low heat: Build with heat-sink metal aluminum keeping high intensity temperatures at the appropriate level for plant growth and protection. Low power consumption as light is fully absorbed by plants.