Interpet Aquatic Blue Moonlight 30w Lamp 91.5cm (36 inch )


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BLUE MOONBased on the popular ‘actinic03’ spectrum but broadened slightly tofluoresce more corals and mimic the light spectrum on a broader areaof the deep reef.Blue Moon has a pleasing moon light style effect and so can be usedfor ‘after dark’ lighting of aquariums. This facilitates viewing ofnocturnal inhabitants (e.g. catfish and marine inverts); and stops theaquarium becoming an unsightly ‘black hole’ in the corner of thelounge after lights out. If Blue Moon is timed to come on first and gooff last it also reduces fish being startled by sudden light changeson start up. BLUE MOON – Ideal day/night spectrum and light output for: l Supplementing the blue ‘actinic’ part of the spectrum in marineinvertebrate and fish aquariums l After dark lighting for Marine and Freshwater aquariums to viewnocturnal species and create a pleasing aesthetic effect

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