Interpet Anti Crustacean Parasite 100ml


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Anti Crustacean Parasite (No 12) will eradicate anchor worm (Lernea sp.), fish lice (Argulus sp.), gill maggots (Ergasilus sp.) and fish leeches. If left untreated these parasites will cause life threatening damage so should be eradicated quickly.

We recommend you use this treatment when Fish with parasites show the following symptoms:

  • Flicking and rubbing against objects
  • Rapid gill movements
  • Red, irritated areas of the skin

Only use this treatment if:

  • Your fish have visible disc or worm like parasites on skin or fins
  • Maggot looking parasites on the gills

Pack includes:

  • 100ml Anti Crustacean Parasite
  • Pipette
  • Measuring cup
  • Guide to Fish Health
  • Treats 500L (110 gals)