Innotec Adheseal adhesive and sealant, Black, 1 TUBE 50 ml


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Adheseal is a unique, permanently elastic adhesive and sealer to MS-Polymerbasis. the product is a glue or thick and offers a perfect adhesion, even on critical materials, including metal, plastic, rubber, glass, older plex) (the product is within the shortest possible time, a skin, dries fast and retains an impressive elasticity. _____

_adheseal is free from solvents, so the adhesive seal or not shrink or reißt. In addition, the product is free of isocyanates.
the product can be easily with almost all modern coating system übersprühen wet in wet, even allowing a considerable save. _____

_adheseal is also ideal as a middle layer between two shall then be the spot; the practical

Adheseal 1420.65 fl oz (50 ml) Tube is extremely easy to us’and economically viable _____

_adheseal is in a highly user-friendly 50 ml Tube available in every workshop or Lackierkabine products. by small nozzle is the amount of precise dosing and exactly to apply, where sealing is required, in addition to the small Packaging the final customer as Materialeinheit be taken into account.

  • Very high level of adherence to most materials.
  • Applicability in conjunction with almost all modern Lacksystemen.
  • Applicability between two shall then be the spot.
  • Available In different colours, White, Black, Grey, Brown, Beige etc.
  • Wet Wet-on-Paintable, temperature-resistant from -40 °C up to 100 °C .