Heating cable Hydrokable 50 W


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The Lambda Aquarii heater Hydrokable Cable is a substrate heater suitable for freshwater, saltwater aquarium and terrariums. Can be used fully submerged or in a dry environment.
In the aquarium, the water to higher temperature water creates a slow natural movement of the background, ideal for the well-being of many aquatic plants and other inhabitants. In terrariums hydrokablebrinda A Heat regulating and spots in all the substrate where it extiendas.
Installs easily using a suction porta-cable which are affixed to the glass in the journey where you want it. Recommended positioning in the form of S, IN zig-zag.
Offers a maximum safety guaranteed thanks to its 5 mm of thickness and its double silicone insulation.
Can fit specific to the Hydroset temperature control system to stimulate the growth of some plants or to meet the special requirements of reptiles.
Offers a wide range of powers available to suit all sizes of aquariums and terrariums.
Cold part of cable length: 95 cm
Power 50 W
Length 6 m
Aquariums up to 60/125 L