Hagen 2 In 1 Fish Hatchery


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Breeding and fry trap

Isolated chamber/ betta display.
Breed and raise fish in community aquariums
Separate wounded or aggressive fish.

Place pregnant fish in breeder tank. Slotted partition will allow newly born fry to fall through and away from mother to the safety of the bottom chamber. To provide the best possible growth conditions for fry, mother and bottom partition should be removed after spawning is complete. Bettas and wounded fish do not require the presence of bottom partition.

Insert clear portion in centre of breeding trap to allow 2 pregnant females to spawn simultaneously but without contact. Partition can also be used to display 2 male bettas.

  • 2 compartments for 2 females
  • Fry drop through to the bottom section of breeder
  • Water stays fresh with flow through system
  • Can be used for 1 or 2 pregnant females
  • Can be used to isolate sick or injured fish