Grow light Bulb, Triple Tree 24W 12 Led 120 Degree Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Aquarium and Indoor Flowers Plants, E27/E26 Socket

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Triple Tree Led Grow Lights can grow any indoor gardening and hydroponics plants. The Plant Grow Lights are used to grow many fruits and vegetables. These Greenhouse Lights are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. The plant growing lights would also be suitable for all stages of plant growth. Can boost Plant and Vegetable Flowing Seeding for Indoor Garden Hydroponic, Suitable for grow tents, greenhouses, H2O systems and in most other Hydroponic systems.

Triple Tree LED GROW LIGHTS can grow any indoor gardening and hydroponics plants. Really helps when the plant need extra boost of light and are used to grow many fruits and vegetables

FULL SPECTRUM. The Led grow light provides a targeted full spectrum (including 460nm, 630nm, 660nm, 740nm and 2700K wavelength). To make sure plants get all the wavelengths needed for optimal growth. Compared with other plant lights on the market , we add two more spectrum to get closer to the sunlight.

GREAT HEAT DISSIPATION AND LONG LIFE. Polished aluminum body construction and finned heat-sink design keeps the unit cool and highly efficient in luminosity; it does not generate any noticeable heat even a whole day, so it won’t hurt your plant, overall service life is up to 50,000 hours.

EASY SET-UP. Fits standard E27/E26 socket; easy set-up with any desk lamp; no special lamp-base necessary.

FACTORY DIRECTLY SUPPLY: More than 10 years experience in researching and production of led grow lights.

  • 【Wide Use Range】Indoor flowers plants ,horticulture,bonsai planting, greenhouse vegetables, aquarium,gardens and other areas of lack of light.
  • 【Wide Bean Angel】120 degree wide angle beam covers more efficiently over 10 feet diameter, Install the light 0.5-1.3 meter away the plants and 2-3 ft the plants would be the best.
  • 【Maximized Growth】12 LEDs (3blue & 9 red), the blue light is ideal for vegetative growth that creates tall, leafy plants while the red light helps encourage budding,flowering and fruiting.
  • 【Excellent Heat Dissipation】Using aluminum as a radiator, access to excellent heat dissipation, heat from LED chip dissipate quickly through the aluminum shell. Reducing light attenuation and enhancing the stability of the lamp.
  • 【100% Guarantee】 More Than 5000h Lifespan &One Year Warranty,24 hours/7 days customer service support.