Green Water Remover 20 KILO HYDRA CRYSTAL Pond Anti Green Treatment Crystal Clear Water


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Removes green water / green algae from ponds WITH EXTERIOR FILTER BOX WITH SPONGES.

Pond Going Green

Hydra Crystal green pond cleaner treatment can be used in ponds with good filtration system. Control and prevent green pond water for extended periods and give you crystal clear water. Hydra Crystal green pond water treatment product direct from manufacturer rapidly removes green water and maintains clear, healthy, clean water in your goldfish pond, garden or farm pond, koi ponds, garden ponds fishing lakes, commercial fish farms, lakes or ponds in angling clubs and live stock holding tanks.

Hydra Crystal green pond water treatment contains complex natural blend of non-hazardous minerals. It does not affect you biological pond filters or pumps. Hydra Crystal pond green water control treatment is easy to use. You can just dilute Hydra Crystal with tap water, make a slurry and put it into the pond water.

Pond green water is a common nuisance faced by pond lovers, especially with the onset of spring. Green water problem is actually due to the unchecked growth of single celled algae or phytoplankton in the pond water, especially after winters. Hydra crystal helps you maintain the aesthetics of your water body by giving you crystal clear water.

Usage Rate: Hydra Crystal-1Kg treats up to10,000L Hydra Crystal-2x1Kg treats up to 20,000L Hydra Crystal-5Kg treats up to 50,000L Hydra Crystal-20Kg treats up to 200,000L

ISO Certification:

ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality

ISO 14001: 2004 – Environmental

OHSAS 18001: 2007 – Health and Safety

  • Removes green water from ponds with exterior filter systems to give crystal clear water.
  • Hydra Crystal Very rapidly removes green and cloudy water. Use WITH EXTERNAL FILTER BOX WITH SPONGES.
  • Mineral base powder is 100% biodegradable Which Very rapidly removes green and cloudy water.
  • Maintains clear, healthy, clean water in your koi, goldfish, garden or farm pond.
  • Not harmful for Fish, biological filters or pumps installed in the pond.