Gold Label Pond & Aquarium Sealer 290ml Bonds Materials Even Under Water! BLACK


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For best results clean surfaces are required, and need to be free of algae etc. To operate, twist nozzle and squeeze trigger. Once opened use within 3 days. Pump sealer directly onto the surface you wish to bond/seal. For bonding where movement maybe possible (expansion etc) of different compounds, leave a minimum 2mm thickness of bead between surfaces. For optimum bond strength, use bead of 5mm and leave to cure for 24 hours. Where livestock is present, protect from ingestion while curing. Full cure 24 hours. Initial tack 2-3 hours.

  • Fish Safe Sealer that can be used Under Water for Instant Repairs
  • Safe Solvent Free and Isocyanate Free.
  • Will Bond all Surfaces even under water.
  • Ideal for Butyl Rubber, Vinyl, Glass, Plastic, Ceramic, Stone, Concrete and more.
  • Fish do not need to be removed from pond during curing process