FreshaTank anti-microbial disc, everlasting water cleaner – free worldwide postage


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FreshaTank uses the same industrial silver as found in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and many medical items including burns victims. FreshaTank is an anti-microbial product which is placed in a fish tank or waterbutt, the strong microbial action of the 99.9% pure industrial silver destroys fungal, viral, bacterial micro-organisms and parasites in the reproductive stage, this keeps fish healthier, prevents the spread of disease, reduces nitrates and bacteria levels. Ammonia levels are reduced along with phosphates and nitrates due to the reduced levels of bacteria in the water, however Freshatank does not replace the need for usual regular maintenance.

  • Great for waterbutts, water features and ponds
  • FreshaTank helps prevent the spread of disease and foul smelling water.
  • FreshaTank is re-useable, everlasting and can be used with all fish.
  • FreshaTank can be used in fish tanks, fish ponds, waterbutts, horse troughs, bird baths and more.
  • FreshaTank is totally safe and does not leech metals into the water. Cleans water in water butts / troughs in 3-4weeks