Fozela 24W 12 LEDs Hydroponic Plant Grow Lights Bulb for Garden Greenhouses, Perfect Grow Lights for Indoor Plants


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– LED quantity: 12pcs
– LED color: red (620-630nm 9pcs), blue(460nm 3pcs)
– Power: 24W
– Socket type: E27
– Lifespan: 35,000 hours
– Suggested height: 2ft – 3ft (distance from plants)
– Body material: aluminum (heat dissipation)


1) Build quality: It is heavy and made of superior quality materials.
2) Heat sink: The built in aluminum heat seat is functional and beautiful. Maintain an ideal operating temperature. This is critical especially if you plan to run this for hours in your indoor garden.
3) Brightness & color spectrum: It is BRIGHT! It has 9 red & 3 blue LEDs, the overall visible color is bright pink. This combination is meant to help with fruit and foliage growth.
4) Energy efficient!

  • With 12 LEDs, this LED grow light emits the most efficient light wavelength to produce peak photosynthesis performance and cultivate plants for all stages of plant growth
  • Blue light contributes to plant photosynthesis, promoting growth, protein synthesis and fruit development. Red light promotes rhizome growth, blossoming and bearing fruit, extending flowering phase and increasing output
  • Using this to grow plants indoors, the added benefit is that you do not have to go outside in the winter. Furthermore, many gardeners agree with the fact that LEDs are often better than even using greenhouses for plant growth
  • Lamp body is constructed with metal aluminum to maximum heat dissipation. It does not produce heat even 24 hours and provides ideal temperature for plant growth
  • Guarantee: 1 years warranty guaranteed. If you have any question about lamp, please feel free to contact us! Please rest assure about after sale service