Fish Mate 5000 SUV All In One Submerged UV Filter and Pond Pump


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The Fish Mate 5000 SUV is a great looking multi-functional, all all-in-one pump, filter and powerful 11W UV clarifier. The Fish Mate 50000 SUV will eliminate green pond water using specially designed foam sponges to effectively remove unwanted debris, as well as having a built in fountain pump – all in one neat compact unit! Having two separate leads, the pump and low voltage UV may be run independently allowing the UV to be switched off if required when treating your fish or your pond with chemicals, whilst leaving the pump switched on in order to filter and oxygenate the water. Suitable for most ponds up to 1000 litres, this easy to install submersible UV filter and pump comes with a 3 year guarantee.

  • 4 Fountain options included
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Pump and UV can be run independently
  • 11 W UVC lamp for clear and healthy pond water
  • 3-Year guarantee