Filter sponge foam mat 100x100x3cm rough 10ppi for pond or aquarium filter


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The foam mats provide not only for a large surface for settlement but also for a perfect mechanical as well as biological filtration. They are resistant to ozone and oxygen and can be used up to 120°C.

The low-weighted CFC-free and recyclable foaming is used not only in garden pond filters but also in aquatics. The filter foam is characterized by a high durability and is absolutely neutral to water. There are no substances dispensed to the water. Due to its high compressive strength and a high bulk density, the filter foam is very stable and well-suited for the construction of “Hamburg filter mats” (HMF) and can be universally used for any interior or external filters.

The high-quality polyester-based filter foam disposes of an extremely large surface for the settlement of bacteria. Mosses and ferns grow easily on the filter foam´s surface to the effect that the same can be integrated unobtrusively into the overall picture.

  • Pore size: 10ppi
  • Feature: rough
  • Dimensions: 100x100x3cm
  • Washable
  • Intensive biological decomposition of pollutants