Filter fleece Synfil 300 100x100x2.5cm very fine white for pond or aquarium filter


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Synfil is often used as a fine filter regarding commercial foam mats. Given the low loss of pressure, the filter fleece has an excellent separation performance to the effect that the material can be used not only in garden ponds but also in aquatics.

Synfil disposes of a large internal and external surface that ensures for significantly more bacteria to accumulate than any other filter material. By this means, the filter fleece provides for an effective cleaning of the water. The material is resistant to ozone and oxygen and can be used up to a temperature of 120°C.

The specially designed mats for pond construction and aquatics do not emit any pollutants.

  • Dimensions: 100x100x2.5cm
  • Feature: sehr fine
  • Excellent separation
  • Washable
  • For the fine filtration