Feng Shui biOrb Pebble Pack – Marble Black


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The Feng Shui Pebble Packs are available in four harmonising colors. They are intended to harmonise our living and working space using different colors to invite beneficial energies into our home. br br Red: for power, glory & happinessbr White: for spiritual and moral puritybr Green: promotes hope, longevity and vitalitybr Black: to banish negative energybr br Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’ and is the ancient Chinese art of placement where we can arrange our living and working space to create balance.br br Clean, flowing, well-lit water with fish is the ultimate way of transforming bad energy and Feng Shui pebbles are designed to decorate your aquarium as well as promote the flow of positive energy. They come in a range of solid marble colours which deepen and shine once placed in water. Marble is a hard stone which won’t cloud the water.br br br br