Femanga Filamentous Algae Stop Speed 10kg K Will Live 300.000

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Femanga filamentous algae stop SpeedK spread rapidly in the water, and the thread algae start according to the out quickly with the consumption of the using. The fluid shape ensures a rapid dispersal of using in the garden pond. A short time after the set time guide using the chalk frame of algae centres, is a type of algae will adapts to your stability and catch to dissipate. The rest done your filter. It is very good ideal also for swimming ponds, as it is completely non-toxic for both humans and animals. After using algae removal if the middle once a month. This means that you can long A Algenfreien pond throughout the year. Message From Femanga: After Jahrerlanger research we succeeded in that the user returns to develop a product that its name. Femanga thread algae stopper SpeedK is totally free of Algiziden, Ammonium connections or metal salts. It is not harmful to humans or animals, and even filter bacteria and plants are not damage. Straight in today’s world if we be very important to use the money our natural look. Container Volume 1,000 g - sufficient for 30,000 litres of 2,500 g - sufficient for 75,000 litres 5000 g - enough for 150,000 litres of 10,000 g - enough for 300 litres

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