Euphorbia Lactea Cristata / Dragon Bonen / appr. 30cm / Coral Cactus with Colourful Ceramic Pot / Unique Cactus-like Gift / red


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Dragon Bones are a colourful and quirky gift for teens and adults alike. It’s quirky looks make it an ideal decorative houseplant that is sure to strike conversations. They have wavy, crested stems which adds an interesting appeal to its overall look. Dragon bones are a cactus-like plant which have fan shaped branches and small spines along their crests. Their stems are green with a range of ivory, yellow and red markings on them. They are really easy to care for as they only need very limited watering. An excellent gift for that person you want something a little quirky and unusual for. Pot size 13cm, height 30cm. With a colourful ceramic pot.

  • very unique and Colourful Cactus-like Plant with small spines, ideal as a present or gift
  • needs bright light to partial shade for best appearance / active growth period in the late spring and summer months
  • Variety in the colourings of the plant make each unique and very interessting
  • Very easy to care for – limited watering needed.
  • Comes with a colourful ceramic pot.