Esha Exit 20 ml


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It is a very effective medicine form of the brand eSHa that acts against the causative agents of the disease popularly known as White Point (ichtyophthirius) as well as against disorders of the skin, inflammation of the scales, disease of the neon City, wounds, opérculos., hydropisis worms, disease, fins etc… Also against the oodinium (velvet) combined with esha-2000 disease.
The bright white points of up to 1 mm of diameter, appear especially in the spine and in their fish fins, stay glued to the body. The fish often rub and restregarse against the floor of the aquarium or the decorations, as if wanted thus removing the parasites, although not as nothing against the disease. This microbe Live parasitando freshwater fish.
During the treatment is desirable to increase the temperature of water of the aquarium to 28 or 29 degrees because of this Modeo the parasite free water present in the dies and the frozen emerges rapidly from the skin.
Keep out of reach of children and animals.
Read the directions of the medication before use.
This product may stain the decorations more clear of the aquarium. is convenient lifting them during the treatment.
It is recommended to use gloves for handling the product to prevent the temporary staining of the skin.