Envii Nitrate Klear – pond nitrate removal treatment – nitrite reducer – nitrifying bacteria – free UK delivery


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Envii Nitrate Klear is a completely natural pond treatment designed to reduced nitrate levels in ponds. High levels of nitrate can lead to fish diseases like brown blood disease, causing the fish to struggle for oxygen. Unlike other products, Nitrate Klear uses task-specific, nitrifying bacteria designed to reduce the harmful levels of nitrate. It is effective in pond water above 8°C. Don’t put your fish at risk, use Envii Nitrate Klear.

Features & Benefits

– Dramatically Reduces Nitrates
– Nitrifying Bacteria
– Reduces Risk Of Fish Disease
– Works As Low As 8°C
– Completely Natural
– Improves Fish’s Oxygen Intake

For more information call +44 (0)1246 240880 or visit our website.

  • Uses task specific bacteria to dramatically reduces Nitrates in your pond
  • Reduces Risk Of Fish Disease by controlling nitrate levels
  • Works As Low As 8°C
  • Pack of 6 High-Strength Tablets
  • Improves Fish’s Oxygen Intake