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ELODEA CRISPA/ Densa (LAGAROSIPHON MAJOR) Fresh Live Oxygenating Oxygenator Plant 1 WEIGHTED BUNCHES Which will have 6-10 plants in each bunch Probably the most popular oxgenating plant of all, easy to grow and prolific. We supply the bunches ready weighted for ease of planting, either straight into pots or into the base of your pond or tank if feasible. Foam wrapped and weighted This is an ideal way to naturally keep your pond water clear and healthy. Helps reduce the dreaded blanket weed and also a haven for small fry to hide in. Suitable For Small Pools to Lakes or coldwater goldfish tanks From our own established stock. Sold on a first come first served basis so please be sure to add us to your favourite sellers! If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us

  • 1 bunched Elodea Densa
  • Ceramic bunched All foam wrapped to protect the roots
  • Oxgenating plant, Ideal for ponds or goldfish, coldwater tanks
  • great way to keep your pond water clear,
  • Reduces Blanketweed And green water
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