DROK® Digital Electronic Thermometer Temperature Monitor Tester Temperature testing Gauge Panel with Waterproof Sensor, Measures in Celsius or Fahrenheit -50℃ to +80℃/-58°F to +176°F for Aquarium Refrigerator Freezer

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Temperature measuring range: -50℃~+80o C(-58℉~+176℉)
Accuracy: ± 1℃(-20℃~+80℃); ± 2℉(-4℉~+176℉)
Resolution: 0.1℃
Product size: 55.5mm× 42.5mm× 16 mm
Sensors: about 1 meter long
Using enviroment: Temperature: 0℃~60o C, Humidity: 20~85%
Power one button battery (LR44, 1.5V)

Operation instructions:
Open the battery cover to put in one LR44 batterie correctly, pay Attention to the polarity.
Press “ON/℉F” key once, product is on; Another press “ON/℉F” Key, product is ℉f.
Press “℃/℉”key to switch between ℃ and ℉
LCD display “- – -.- o C”when measurement temperature is lower than – 50℃, sensor probe can’t be put into use when temperature exceeds +80℃, or sensor may ℃cur thermal deformation.

Package Include:
1x digital Thermometer (Do not include battery)

  • This thermometer adopts LCD display, external probe(auto switch), auto upload data, editable serial number.)
  • It has wide temperature measuring range: -50°c~+80°c(-58ºF~+176ºF), high accuracy.
  • Waterproof sensor can be applied to most circumstances, both water and other non-corrosive liquid.
  • It can be used for environment long-term testing such as aquarium,refrigerator,freezer,pantry,greenhous
  • Power supply: one button battery (LR44, 1.5V) (do not include battery).