Double Filtration Water Filter Ceramic 10µ + 1µ GKK


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With this double filter system you can filter the water for all over the house, easy to use and safe (connectors between filter housing not included.) (closed housing with bridge transfer) - only Inlet - outlet 3/4 inch connection. Buyer This product rating you 100% satisfaction.
With a diameter of approx. 600 to 800 litres per hour (we will prepare the lighting voltage according to early water quality) you’ll always have enough clean water at your disposal.
Working mode:
1) filter level: quality USA - AquaPure activated carbon cartridge - Type Double Action Performance 2000 (specially formulated high absorption activated carbon) This AquaPure (see Internet) 5µ Activated Carbon Cartridge Filters your drinking water.
You From Within The First filter level already your drinking water, Brunnew Asser: We do like to be by
* Taste * Odour * Dirt/grime * Rust Sediment + dissolved particles (Brown Water) * sediments
This cartridge is on its own (stand alone) just a all-rounder.
Additionally, this cartridge The neueartige the perforations of the system (performance 2000) from Auqa/Pure (exit vents for even more water flow than a conventional disposable cartridges.)
2 level: Ceramic Filter Cartridge: Filter 0,3µ (particle filter 0,0003 mm) bacterial filters complete filtration of the water to 0.9µ bacterial Dimensions: Approx. 0,5µ filters means that you can no chemicals bacteria from your water.
These ceramic filter cartridge has been manufactured to Strengem US standard.
Installation: Use: Well Water Filter/butt water filter for garden use fountain/butt, made exclusively External Filter. /No internal filter. Only use with aqua stop systems, which in the system the feed automatically stops (see Washing Machines Aqua Stop sytem) Installation by a professional only.
Connection: No Connection to the public water network.
Contents: Double Filter Housing with inserts (filter) - No shut-off taps., Installation Instructions [may not be in English], security sheet ensures F. Professional

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