Direct Sales 25 Watt Tightbend UV Lamp | SHATTERPROOF | Blue 368nm | PlusLamp


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Offering superb value, the PlusLamp range offers users a wide choice of 368nm blue UV lamps in both standard or shatterproof options.

Testing showed that the Plus Lamp 368nm range experienced a lower rate of deterioration than many leading brand UV tubes.

1 x 25 Watt Tightbend UV Lamp (SHATTERPROOF)


Shatterproof tubes provide peace of mind in sensitive areas by retaining glass shards if the tube is broken. Shatterproof tubes MUST be installed in areas operating a ‘glass free policy’.

The Fluorinated Polymer (FEP) material used for all sleeving is designed specifically for optical transmission and allows 97% of effective UV light to pass through the coating. As a result, the maximum possible amount of useful UV irradiance passes through the sleeving to effectively attract insects. With only 3% of the irradiance being absorbed into the material, the structural integrity of the sleeving is maintained for the full 12 month life of the tube,

preventing discolouring and ensuring all glass shards are retained in the event of a breakage.