Digital TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Water Purity Quality Tester Meter


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Pop quiz: do you have some water that needs testing?

If you answered yes, then you probably need this digital TDS (total dissolved solids) water quality tester. This product is an accurate and cost-effective way to measure the salinity of the water in your tap, pool, or anywhere else you need to test! This meter can measure salinity ratings between zero and 9990 parts per million. That’s over 9,000!

How many parts of you per million wants this product? That’s what we thought!

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  • Measures total dissolved solids and temperature of any water; whether it be filtered or unfiltered drinking water or your favorite aquarium make sure your water meets up to standards!
  • Measures 0-9990 parts per million; Keep a healthy family fish or plants with safe clean water!
  • TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems it affects anything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, organic or inorganic for better or worse
  • TDS includes but not limited to mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved be sure your drinking healthy!
  • High quality LED flashing indicator and LCD screen make this high quality water tester an easy to use must have tool!
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