Decorative Cotswold Chippings – 8Kg Bag, Beige/Natural


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Gravel top dressing supplied in 8kg approx. bag.
One 8kg bag covers approximately two plant pots with a diameter of 40cm x 40cm to a depth of 1 inches

Aquarium friendly.
Decorative gravel for water features and garden borders and top dressing your artificial plants and trees in plant pots, troughs and planters.

Ideal for borders, water features and general landscaping.
Helps suppress weed growth when used with suitable landscape fabrics.
Increases moisture retention in summer and provides insulation in winter.
Product has been sourced in the UK.

Due to the natural characteristics of gravel, variations in colour, texture, particle size and shape may occur.
Supplied in plastic packaging and can be stored outside without wastage.

Some product images have been divided to show the darkening effect when wet against when the product is dry.

  • Great for Outdoor and Exterior use!
  • Category: Decorative Toppings
  • Colour: Various, Natural, Beige
  • More Options: Outdoor and Exterior
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