Cabrio Dom For Tank 600 cm Low Profile Handrail


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Dome Convertible are a solid reliable and above all cost-effective alternative to bathing season for use with your pool to increase length. This type of canopy can be possible to almost all types of steel wall pools install with technical specifications found on the third image. Opening the hinged joint makes it easier to the canopy like a Cabrio used on both sides. This listing is for used for round pools with narrow hand rail. Advantages at a glance: 5 - 6 °C warm water, extension of the bathing season to from 4 to 6 weeks, significantly reduces the maintenance requirements. The convertible dome is made from anodised aluminium construction and strapazfähigen foil comes complete with fittings and fixtures. Height Dimensions: Approximately 145 - 165 depending on the aquarium cm Please note: a portion of the basin you can be covered when open.

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