Boogardi Boiled Wicker Twig Premium Privacy Mat Wicker mat black/brown/natural in Various Sizes for Garden, Patio and Deck

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Our exclusive premium wicker mat from Boogardi is the new trend for your garden, patio or balcony with.
Weather-resistant Natural Product With Special Natural waterproofing
, this Very Elegant mat that you can as a privacy screen Improved luxury version of the standard Boogardi Willow screens. This is a EU quality product.
Using a specially developed coating system, the Natural Dye The Field of the aquarium and dims so powerfully. Thanks to the special manufacturing steps is the bark of our premium wicker mat also sealed, making it a natural coating that allows for high service life of our willow screens again also always more unique. A very nice side effect of this totally natural treatment gives the willow bark a very smooth surface, which is used in conjunction with the dark colour creates a very degree of privacy.
Material: Wicker
Colour: Dark Brown to Black
All 10 cm with 0.5 - 0.8 thick, galvanised wire
Resistant to wind and water
Wire which protrude by the edge (Easy to trim and increase length)
Use tip
We recommend a double installation, because it offers an increased privacy protection as a a single layer.
For the cover of a particular elements should be the wicker mat doesn’t have this survive as you would expect by wind or rain down the length of the edge break.
To shorten the length cut out simply push the wire, remove a few branches and twisting this back up.
For trimming the height is easy pruning shears.

  • Natural product - extremely durable and weather-proof

  • All 10 cm with 0.5 - 0.8 strong galvanised wire

  • Wire overhang at edge (easy to trimming and increase length)

  • Resistant to Wind and Water